Complete Weighing Equipment

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Since 1988, POWERCELL load cell technology has lead the industry in heavy capacity weighing applications. POWERCELL PDX load cells are the third generation of this technology. See how METTLER TOLEDO uses precision processes and testing to make these unique weighing sensors at a specialized facility
The AP Series of analytical balances encompasses the APW, APW-D, APX, and APY models, and incorporate innovative features and accessories, as well as Shimadzu’s most advanced one-piece UniBloc weighing sensor.
Industrial scales for general weighing in applications where light washdown is required
Manual lift-deck scales for top-of-floor installation: easy washdown in hygienic applications.
Low-profile scales for general weighing: suitable for harsh washdown.
Manual lift-deck scales for pit or top-of-floor: easy washdown in hygienic applications.
PFA779C- heavy-duty design for tough industrial environments. The stainless steel floor scale from 600 to 6,000kg.
PFA779lift floor scales with their hinged, easy-clean load-plate design are ideal for use in concentrated-loading applications
PFA575 and 575x hot-galvanized steel platform scales offer sturdy strain-gauge technology certified IP68 for wet- and hazardous-area use
Ultra-low profile floor scales offer reliability, durability, and loading ease for tough industrial environments where hygiene counts
Stainless-steel floor scales with a hinged load plate for easy cleaning in harsh industrial environments
Stainless-steel floor scales with a hinged load plate for easy cleaning in harsh and hazardous industrial environments