Industrial Weighing

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Versatile weighing terminal technology provides the precision required for many industrial applications.
IND690 and IND690XX meet your requirements for industrial weighing in wet, harsh or hazardous working environments.
The intelligent IND890 PC weigh scale terminals support Windows-based applications, enabling development of custom interfaces to meet a multitude of weighing needs.
Advanced applications require a large graphical human machine interface, advanced data management and powerful software. Programmable terminals can be customized to meet unique needs.
For a broad variety of weighing applications and easy to use, the IND246 weighing terminal has application software providing productivity enhancing solutions.
A complete range of terminals meeting mechanical, electrical and data-integration needs, from compact transmitters to advanced weighing controllers.
A programmable terminal for applications requiring customization to meet needs ranging from workflows to data integration with enterprise level software.
A comprehensive range of hazardous-area approved terminals that ensure safety, accuracy, and connectivity for a variety of weighing applications.
A variety of terminals for bench, compact, and floor scales providing operator-friendly, reliable and flexible adaptation into a production environment.
A wide variety of vehicle and rail-weighing solutions that deliver unrivaled accuracy and reliability, and that are easy to use and maintain.
A variety of tank-, silo-, bin-, hopper- and conveyor-scale solutions that provide accurate, reliable and flexible integration into a manufacturing process.
Weighing scale indicators from the industry leader in rugged, accurate and reliable scales and load-cell systems for tough industrial environments.