ACT350 Weight Transmitter

The ACT350 represents the latest in METTLER TOLEDO technology and is one of the most versatile weighing transmitters available today for conventional strain gauge weighing technology.  The ACT350 analog weight transmitter delivers precision measurement at an exceptional speed.


The ACT350 provides an exceptional 800 Hertz update rate to a PLC. It is ideal for fast filling and sorting applications.


The ACT350 supports easy connectivity to most common field buses with comprehensive description files.

Optional in-built Ethernet switch for daisy chain allows to connect numerous ACT350 to one PLC directly.

Integrated Status Monitoring

An integrated display with keyboard and four LEDs allow quick status checks without any software tool or remote display. ACT350 supports test-weight free calibration CalFree™, which is suitable for many applications.

Compact Housing

The small DIN-rail housing saves valuable cabinet space. Keys and display allow setup and control directly at the unit.


Installation is supported by PC setup software via an RS232 service interface allowing for saving, restoring and cloning settings.